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Miscellaneous gallimel's Page

Welcome to organized chaos!

I like to write, so here you'll see my thoughts about life, politics, movies, facts, history and whatever else.

You can send to me your thoughts as well: I could publish them, if you like to!
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Last Updates:

October 2004. CHECK out from the Sidebar Menu "One Eyed World" essay!! Courtesy of my lovely Cassie!!

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The Space for Writers

I have the pleasure to know many talented writers who likes to share thoughts and opinions. Aside, you will find a series of subpages with also one dedicated to essays that you can fill with your own valuable papers.

Don't be shy, and let your mind express itself.
I am sure you would appreciate to see that what you say can cause another one thinks a bit more about himself as well.

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"Starting Life" by gallimel