Thoughts and Essays Part 2


Your Thoughts And Essays Part 2

Agopuncture for pets? (April 2002)

So, did you ever think about healing your pets with agopuncture?
Back to past times, there were only isolated cases of this peculiar way to love your ill little friends, but now, I can tell you, there are day after day many more pet Docs capable to treat your cat or dog like a Chinese guru.
After all, if 2 millions of Italians use agopuncture for themselves, and it does work, why should you prohibit this not invasive healing to your sweet friends?
I healed my cat for her problems with digestive process, and I absolutely am delighted with the results.
She is too, because she was unable to take pills for her trouble (just due to it).
Coming to another pet Doc, for checking her after the agopuncture (without telling him) I have been told my cat has never felt better...
I wasn't able to say why she does, since he was so skeptical about my experiment.
But maybe I should tell him instead: he could change his mind and make happier lots more of fluffy cats!

SweetDream, from Italy

When you meet Bad people: This is The Bite Of Snakes (August 2002)

My reply to Bad people who have used me and offended me in Renderosity after for months I had been nice with them.
They forced admins to erase my reply to them from there, but here I can post what I want. and I think it's a useful memory for me to have in front: not all people are good. I shall remember it better sometimes. "dedicated" To the ultra-fake one named Nancy Delliber, with no respect whatsoever.


*If you think I have got no eyes to see,
nor ears to her, no time to read
the way snakes use
to crawl around me,
well then you dream.

I see it all, it made me both laugh
then also attempt to cry,
it made me wonder how you can deny
the truth in your hearts,
if you have,
that one and only envy
is causing all this mess.

And after that,
I just laughed and smiled again.

I couldn't care less,
and now I know
that ageing not always teaches
to be wiser and with some depth,
as you are old
but empty and stale without a chance.

And no, I couldn't care less,
cos those who likes to spread the venom
will soon be buried immersed in its smell on.*


To those who have spent weeks so far spreading bad words against me, this will be my one and only "reaction".
I won't leave here, forget about it; I don't have any reason for it. Unlike you, I come here mainly for enjoying others art, as I don't even call what I produce myself "art". I know it's not and it won't ever be, but I like to share feelings with what I do, and get inspired by other's talent and efforts.

I am truerer than true, and when I am enthousiastic about something, I really mean it.
My judgements are maybe not professional, surely they aren't, but what hits and teases my heart, that I praise.

I suppose if others praise my works, is not because they are clones like you would like to think, but it is because for a strange reason, I can make sometimes something which has the same effects for them, even for a little moment , even if I am not artist at all.
But I am true.And this someone gets from my works, and this makes me joyful.

I proudly can state I never asked no one to watch nor to rate nor surely to vote my stuff in no way (and I still regret the only two times where I disagree with some rates to me, namely Baalzebulb and gab-mag's ones once: I shall have accepted all without blinkin, as here we are all for improving, and I have lots to improve with): you know you can't claim the same, and this is really my happiness. That deeply in your hearts, you shall know you really behave badly.
In your place, I wouldn't be able to watch myself in a mirror, especially considering some of you are approaching to their 70s age and it's really a silly thing to attack that uselessly a person like me who's 25.
But this might be your style, so.. who cares, if you are satisfied with it, then it's your problem.

Luckily I am not any of you.That's a relief.

I won't delete the pieces here I dedicated to you, because when I do things, I believe in them, in my honesty, what I feel is what I show. Those artworks are and forever will be a memory and an advice for my own spirit that not all are as true as I am.
That there are people who have needs of visibility for filling maybe empty lives. That's not my case, so why worry?
So far my policy was to ignore you, and from now on, I will keep on doing it forever.
I won't forgive, but I really don't care at all about you.You can mess the place, and the only result will be you'll look even more ridicolous than you already did.

I am here to be happy. I'll keep be here as it makes me happy.

Ps1: If rates shakes your heads, be satisfied, cos from now on I won't always put that camp open. I care more about comments than rates. As in my whole gallery I think no more than 3 works really deserved the good rates I seem to get. I am fair enough to admit it.Even if I will always thank those who honestly are here and have appreciated what I made so far. :)

Ps2:Thanx especially to Toulouz, katwoman, Freeze, LaureG, jgeorge and sweet abmlober for the support in the only down moment I had regarding all this: you really showed me it was no worthy to be in down mood for those laugheable reasons. Thanx, you are in my heart.

Ps3: I know, I know.. that "poem" up above is a tragedy :P!! But I wanted to keep up my style in the one and only reply ;) (Keats is dying again I suppose!!)

Ps4: Sorry for the rest of the community: I thought hard about reply or not reply, and as you see, I didn't really put up names as I don't really care about all this But the fact I am a kind person and I don't like to battle doesn't mean I am stupid or weak, or that I don't have a dignity of my own to be defended. Still, no words more from me about all this, as it's a waste time I suppose to put efforts in trying to reason with certain people. People who are the only element of huge disappointment about my so far experience in the 2D Gallery, which otherwise I think it’s composed by fantastic persons.

This is my bye before September I’ll be here watching stuff till tomorrow morning though: Have -almost all- a great Summer and see you in a month or some
Keep up the love for art, and when I'll be back, try to make me improving cos I really need it :)
Kisses to .. almost all ;)
Meli xxxxx

3) The gallimel's Top 10 Ways to Realize You're not THAT Young Anymore!!(September 2002)

: So, during this summer I got some evidence that
: I am definitely into the OTHER
: generation, that which suddenly ceases to
: be either cool or interesting to other
: cool interesting ones (okay, not really,
: but you get me).
: There were happening facts and I was having
: thoughts about the whole ageing process as
: I am ready to complete my Online Diary for
: my holidays. It made me think so there you
: go my ten ways to reckon I am growin old
: ;)
: 10) Suddenly you start to use sunscreen cream
: alongside your face MORE than on your
: body... and all young people watch you
: like you are wasting time, because ehy!!!
: Youngs don't even realize skin can get
: worse with time and sun...
: 9)When sea gets moved and waves are all like
: horses free, you think "Damn... like
: this I can't get into water, it's
: dangerous!"
: 8)When you hear boys and girls talks about
: Summer trends, you have this incredible
: thought "What a load of shit!"
: 7) ..and you are scared to confess it to
: those younger than you are. :P
: 6) The music played- the usual senseless
: songs whhich seems made to be only summer
: hits.. and they do the job perfectly-
: "is not anymore that good as past
: years, is it?"
: 5) ... when you mention with your same age
: friends "the old hits of past
: summers, THOSE were really good!!!"
: only they get you and approve, and again
: the youngers look at you like you are
: talkin about life on Mars.
: 4)When you have to prepare for the night out,
: at 11 pm, before expecting to wait
: standing three hors among millions of
: people doing the same, just for deciding
: where to go out dancing for the night, you
: start to fear it's not that funny.
: 3) and after only one hour of that waiting,
: you are sure that indeed it is NOT.
: 2)You read all books on the beach without
: even takin notice of boys walkin around
: you at all.You become isolated among ten
: people trying to get your attention and
: you feel HAPPY with it.
: 1)and the most important evidence of them all
: is...
: *rumbles*
: At the end of the whole Summer, the thing
: which stays with more happiness in your
: mind, no matter how much fun you had with
: your friends.. (and I had MUCH really!) is
: the fact you got some
: relax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: It's scientific: when you ask out to your
: Summer some relax, you're not young
: anymore ;)
: But that's not that bad after all :)

by gallimel

What would be Nirvana Today (October 2002): me and Pete discuss it...

gallimel and Nirvana: an essay between me and Pete

"I have seen the video I think ten times by now.. and I am missing SO much all of the music out of them, the vibe.. and Kurt's voice . That song is only cute, and still, it stands out all the shit The Vines and Company could pack together in ten years of attempts. There's no one around doing pure rock which can not even by far compare or inspire a tenth than Nirvana STILL can nowadays. I feel landed in my happiness of a NEW SONG. It's the same when I hear Jeff Buckley only that with Kurt.. the pain and regret is even more instinctive and wide. And that is *just* a nice song. I really miss that magic he was able to spread, the truth in his voice and words, and the fact he wasn't pretending to be nor sensitive nor deep as a dark soul. But he naturally was all that.A precious damned he was,and a good one he was. Be with us still, Kurt, and run up over clouds in the sky. because he has to stay there, and not below our feet. Sorry for the rambling.. I just heard the song for the 11th time..
Pete" Hmm, I haven't heard it but I thought about Nirvana recently.
What's your guess, would they be touring arenas by now if Kurt was still alive? Would they have made some new albums that were less energetic and intense than the older albums? Would they sound more like Foo Fighters now?
Well, that's quite pointless, but I just thought about it. Just think of Oasis."

gallimel:"I think the inspiration which was at the basis of Nirvana's style and music (I'd say.. Kurt's natural philosophical drama) has always been miles above anything Oasis produced, in terms of depth. I am not talkin about the global quality of music, because to me the two bands' music is very different and I never compare things which are not homogenic, I am speakin about the quality of inspiration and the pushing the two bands were having as reason to exist.
Nirvana 's music was having the word "existentialism" poured into, while Oasis were bringin new light in a demodé concept (then it was) the one of "popular rock".
Oasis never were there for being innovative. Nirvana's description of reality was.Consciously? I don't think so. Best inspiration are innate, not conscious at all because they describe a new thing, or an old thing in greatly innovative way, saying something original about that.
Nirvana were there penning the anguished X Generation better than anyone else,the generation of those born in the shadows of Cold War ending, in the middle of consumism, in a landing society which seemed caring, but which was actually a void space where no one was feeling quite fine in.
That drama, all in Nirvana's song, has a cyclic impact on generations: Nirvana coloured it with the dark colours, but passionate, of 1990.Of the end of a Century which has been the bloodiest one of all history.
Oasis wanted to sing a song, a reason to celebrate in the fog of a bad un-workin class one's day.. but in them there was never any attempt, nor hint at existentialism, nor nichilism, nor anything even remotedly smelling philosophy.
Nirvana instead have been studied like Baudelaire and the Damned Poetry were.With total reason to that. Nirvana's best music is like poetry.
KURT was a poet.
That kind of inspiration maybe was powerful because it was destined to end soon with a suicide, but I am more keen to think if he woudln't have killed himself now we would have a darker Nick Cave producing amazing songs.
Not commercial, but amazing.
After all Nirvana weren't meant to be commercial. Kurt hated the fact they were.
Oasis isntead were starting for becoming HUGE. They wanted it.They wanted to be popular, and rich and famous.
Kurt didn't.
He became because his inspiration was a seed commonly carried within souls, but unexpressed yet before he was givin voice and notes to that. He, artistically, through his songs, made that dark seed visible. The anguish shared in an entire generation made Nirvana's production successful.
Because they revealed a truth unknown , but real even before they named it.
I think trends in Nirvana's music were zero.Zero at that time when they started. ten they created the trend, but not wanting it at all. there was a totally real inspiration in them. In HIM.
Nirvana (but I still say Kurt.. he was the focus.. Nirvana to me IS Kurt Cobain.. Nirvana without Kurt is Foo Fighters, and honestly.. the Foos are just average aren't they?) would have become.. even better I think with time. With less public (because kids gets tired fastly) but better in all great poets, Kurt would have found a new road to walk in but with his determined colour of vision of sense and reality which wouldn't have chnaged, being his own one and only his.
He didn't because he couldn't stand the selling of his soul, because he was a frajile poet of immense talent surrounded by too much of things he wasn't feeling part of his sensitivity. And he gave up.
But like it would have happened with Joy Division, Nirvana with him would have kept on producing amazing things. because that inspiration was too much of a deep one to fade.Too much of a need to cease to be.
Noel's inspiration finds his roots in fun and will of having a better day in the agenda. It's an honest and valuable root, but of an inferior global quality. The taent of Noel was to create due to that little reason, an immense outcome. That was his real talent, and it tells how much also Noel is an artist. But Noel's inspiration can disappear once you come to the target. While a poet, whose inspiration stays in the rushing of a poisoned blood, has a light (dark maybe) which doesn't fade. Unless HE doesn't kill it, by killing hiself.
Kurt to me has never been just a musician. He was a poet.
Poets still always bright, and they are even more after they die.
He's in that very small cathegory, alongside a very few out from past 70 years of muisc AND literature.
So.. Nirvana would still great today. Even if I think by now they would have broken up and Kurt would be a solo artist. Divorced from Courtney :P"

gallimel and Pete Pustineen


Four bored young men, sitting down in a studio room packed with sculptures and dummies, white trucksuits and sticks and bowlers. Stories and dark tales of ordinary madness, but not so ordinary and daily under our eyes of tv and papers scandals and homicides fed up people then when one of Kubrick's masterpieces firstly hit the cinema screens.
When a Clockwork Orange firstly showed there the human wide brutality, packed with a stylish sequence of rapes and homicides on a Rossini's Opera, more than one throwed out.
But just because the possibility of that violence was already into everyone's mind, backin us, tickling us, remindin us about the violence of human conditions.Not because the movie was telling something THAT shockin. Not even in a shockin way. Because all violence there, unlike it happens in nowadays movies, has a meaning, a meaning beyond in the artistical approach to a story telling.
But what's about Clockwork Orange which makes it a masterpiece?
Because that's what it is.
What is that makes us throbbin out reckoning the beauty of Beethoven Symphonies, and almost forgivin the lucid cruelty of Alex, Alex the disgustive killer, Alex the fascinating and out of common rules white Dandy who likes to stabber sticks on everyone's heads?
I suppose, the metaphore of Alex applies to many of us, inside, deeply within. At least, we would like more to be compared to his huge intelligence, than to the beasty acceptance and blind feroucious hatred which is part of his Drughi's collegues.The difference between Alex and all others freaky ones in the movie (all are freaky ones in that movie, since Kubrick's vision of human is a pessimistic one), is that Alex has got talent. Alex is on the edge, because he's an edge. The others are disgustive just because they cannot be anything in the first place.But Alex (whose name can be read as A-lex, namely "privative alpha and lex, namely, "without Laws", namely FREE) is the way he likes to be. Pure, in his wildest essence.
Jean Jacques Rousseau would have named him a good sauvage just that cannot be good. In Alex, Hobbes and Rousseau's concepts find an incredible point of connection, two cosmogonies of human philosophy which are thought opposite become the same thing. Alex is the Homo Homini Lupus Savage.
Clocwork Orange is a saga: a personal saga, an hugely disturbing depiction of the decadence of a society which is supposed to allow freedom, but which actually despises it.
When watchin it, one has to abstract himself from the conventional terms of movie, (especially nowadays) and try to get the concepts. It's theathre. But it's stilistically masterful exactly because it is a movie instead, and you can chnage patterns of vision following kind of a Joyce's tip about Inner Time of concience.
Kubrick's style comes there to a gorgeous mix.
His style here tells us that it has to be a reason behind powerful scenes in movies: the astonishment, the "scandal", the power has to be in the expression of a concept, THEN it's art.. nowadays all special effects are there just to be forgotten five seconds after because they are not havin a REASON in the plot...If Kubrick would be alive now, and makin movies at his peak of inspiration, he would use certainly special effects: but when they are basilar to the story. Because you couldn't express the concept as well in no other way than with them. Spielberg is no one compared to a director like Kubrick.Spielberg A.I is the final evidence of the lack of soul he has, which bans him to being really capable to describe human souls in movie.We are plenty of examples sadly about this I said ;). Today, special effects try to hide (and they fail at it anyway) the painful lackin of a decent and impacting story behind them, like a blur, although flourishing, can hide, but not forever, a void after next step...)
Here Kubrick's visions are dreamy, and they have a pace dependently on the way Alex feels. All metaphores are firstly hidden, but they become clear especially to the melomaniacs (like I am). Music has never been as important in any Stanley's movie (and it is in ALL his movies) as it is in this one.
Music is not only a commentary of the movie, it is not only an "actor" itself in the movie: music is what pushes Alex in its actions, because music is what Alex cannot verbalize about his own being. Music is the speakin and acting essence soul of Alex.
As music lover, I have to say really music at its best has got this wonderful and mighty power.
Classical music especially.
When Alex is under Ludovico's Therapy in the prison, what hurts him the most are not the cruel experiments, the inhibitions he's forced to feel and reject, the tortures and the brainwashing. What hurts him the most is the music. He will end by hating Beethoven's music, which is the one which expresses the most the truest part of his spirit. (the Symphony in question is especially the Ninth one, so called "The Eroical", which celebrates the EGO, and Alex obviously feels it as a celebration of his own one. Whomever will listen to that piece , will agree never name was more apt than the one it has got...).
As a contrarium, the way Alex calls Beethoven "Ludwig van" is turned out to be a sign of despise, as its therapy in prison, meant to "clean his furious and horrid instincts out" is named again Ludovico, Ludwig, as well.
As much as Beethoven's music is mighty and highly inspiring (erotically too, as erotic power is one of the human most unstoppable forces) when Alex is free (the way he masturbates himself caressing the phallic symbol of the python at his home, after havin attacked the writer and his wife, and killed her, is just one example.. and a stunning example of directin technique visually from Kubrick... ), it becomes a reason for feeling the sickest when Alex is supposed to be put back on society's rules and terms (after a theraphy which is nothing but a legal excuse for practicing a deceitful kind of torture, and by people whose brain is pea sized, that is the ultimate offence for the brilliantly brained and charismatic Alex).
Again, when Alex is chased away from his home after he has recovered and has been declared "safe of mind" after Ludovico's theraphy, and after he has been sticked out and trashed by his former Drughi's collegues, now policemen (a violent attack from Kubrick at the usual roughness and lack of skill British Police used to have , at least in the 70's...), and he's found again at the writer's home askin for refugee.. it is Beethoven's plays which reveals to the handicapped man that the guy is the one who was responsible of his infirmity and his wife's death..
Since he realizes Alex's repulsion for that Ninth Symphony, highest of punishment because that always reminds him of the truth which was into him which he cannot handle anymore (but only due to the brainwashing.. Alex actually is desperate because he would like to have that freedome of himself back again..) the writer plays it so loud to Alex, he has to run away and throw himself out of a window, falling so badly he crashes down and almost risks to die.
That will be his salvation: he won't die, he will wake up in a room, totally unable to move and plstered, but safe from the brainwashing: in the end, all his visions are back, and the previous evil mind and will as well. The final scene is clear enough about it: he can have all visions he used to realize at Drughi's gloriouses times. And the corrupted politicians, for not losing next elections, will promise a good help to him for getting well soon, and offer him a deal for makin him "forgive" them for their cruel (and failed, but they don't know how widely failed) experiment of mind control and re-programming.

But let's go back to muisc: The one Alex uses to act in society (to make crimes in society where freedom is banned) is the one of Gioacchino Rossini. The Whilehlm Tell and the Rubbering Magpie (dunno if translation is apt.. in Italian is "Gazza Ladra"). Rossini is Alex breakin rules of a society he despises, but which he likes to use: memorable the scene in the record shop, fastened on the music, where Alex copulates with the two girls, and as much full of dynamic, so perfectly underlined by the mood of the music, when he assaults the Cats' lady.
While Beethoven is Alex without filters, the pure essence of him, Rossini is what Schopenauer admitted being the corruption of pure spiritual energy for becoming a perfect but someway colder stylistic gem. An inner revolution from the chaos of the ego, often too mighty, and the convey of this amazing energy into something toucheable, although sublime, which sill limited compared to the previous stage, where all chnaces can be taken..
Beethoven did revolution on the artform of music at his time, breaking the "common" with the highest of romantic passion. Rossini transformed all this into manierism of the highest purity. He made that passion tamed, sparkling still, but tamed, to apply it to a widest range of listeners. So Alex is tamed when he plays into society, because he has to deal with individuals at such a lower level than he is, that his essence gets shadowed by this mere acknowledge. Alex is the real Alex, fully free, with the Python and the orgiastic visions of omnipotence.

Now reflect: how much this hiatus is freaking many minds in a world NOW where they tell you you can be all, but you feel in the end you cannot by the existence of all the rest of people around you?
The problem of identity in this pessimistic Kubrick's vision, wasn't anyway so lucidely hinting at the decadence and loneliness and void of common youth of our days?
There's much which is eternal in this movie about human conditions. Behind the scenes which are not there for shockin us, but for makin us reflect, it lies the big question mark of everyone: Whom they will let me be? Myself? Or the one THEY want to? This movie is actually against violence, and it is clearly if you se e the way that is portrayed. Kubrick tells us that the Homo Homini Lupus society is EXACTLY the one we are in, which shouldn't be, as power can control and tame bad characters. But this doesn't happen. We have instead a violence OF ad From State (read: oraganized power of any sort) which is as bad and less creative and pure, that the "supposed" natural badness of free individuals.
For Alex, violence is a game: but the real Alex, the Beethoven Alex, has no malice in it. The Rossini Alex has it, because he's forced to deal with society corrupted anyway.
I am not saving Alex.
He's a criminal.
But when I watch the movie... always and forever I find more despisable the Ministry, the Jailers, the Policemen.. whomever else. The only victim is the writer, but then, he becomes an assassin as well, although feeling pain.
Kubrick's visions have no hopes for redemptions. For Kubrick, all human essence is bad.
Not agreeing with that, but I have to say the way this thought is displayed is absolutely wonderful. This movie is a pearl of multiple talents broadcasted, and merged and made one unique artform.

A movie with circular structure, like the alltime symbolic "Wheel of Fortune", a movie of corrosive critic towards the fakeess of political "welfare" and which is of a cynism never seen as powerfully as here about the fake reasons of power and help. Nothing seems really felt there, because all is a calcule about the way one can result "appreciable or not" to others.
Timing and circular structure drive the viewer as nut as Alex: you breathe with him, you sectionate him and at the same time you sectionate yourself as well. To see with scare.. yes, to see with scare you are actually fascinated by Alex.The pace variation between the first part of the movie and the second one communicates the trouble in chnagin someone's essence.. like a clock is breakin in its mechanism, and it stops to work fluently...But Kubrick tells that it is no possible to chnage the essence. Essence which is Negative in men for him: but as much as I don't agree with this, the same I am agreeing to chnage essences is impossible.
At least, with people who have a soul and a brain.
Even cruel ones...

In a nutshell, this movie is something everyone should see with no prejudice. Trying to think of it like an opera at theathre: try to look at it with eyes, and hears, and feeling the reactions inside the soul, trying t o forget about rules, to get the ESSENCE.
It is the one of Alex the one you think you are searchin out for, but it's YOURS indeed.

This is one of the warmest movies ever, so complex, so intimate, so mighty.
Because the more you watch it, the more you find in it.
Alex is the epithome of Man, Alex is all of us in a mirror.
Again, I repeat I consider Human beings exactly at the opposite Kubrick does. But this won't ever stop me from avoiding to admit this movie is a masterpiece.
Ancient Greeks were going to actors representations (always chanted: just because when acting and music get together, perfection comes..) for purify themselves from their hghest fears, to see their evil side on scene, and ACCEPT it for getting THROUGH it, and move forward on the good side. A Clockwork Orange resume certainly this blessing characteristic. It wasn't Kubrick's way.
But it could be yours.
Never close eyes in front of truth: but then, always chosin which side one has to try to reach.
Alex is Bad.
Would you like to be as free as him, but not as badly directed?

Go and watch this movie, and read the book: but this is one of the few cases in the whole movie history, (I name five of them just) when the movie is better than the book.
Oddily enough (not really actually) another one of the cases is againa Kubrick's gem: Shining.
And I do love Stephen King ;)
by gallimel


gallimel's R&R Star Night!
Sooooo, i think I *have* to please my huge ego and talk a bit about one of the funniest nights ever for me.
yesterday, , i played a proper gig with 6 mates of mine, for a party my friend Sara decided to have at her stunning beautiful home.

Lovely how sometimes things you have prepared with a total will and effort and concentration realize themselves for the better with no tension whatsoever, and give to you the real feeling of "having a good time and play" kind of enthousiastic mood. We were reharsaling from two months almost, and also that was very funny, I must say.My friends are all professional composers and musicians, but they are more in the "serious" field, the one o classical composition, than properly pop music.This can make them look arrogant sometimes, but the point is they really adore music and they could teach a stone to sing...
I am almost shocked that all went that good, not certainly because I am a good singer (I am a normal singer, but I put really all my best effort there and it's not easy to mantain voice all way through and not miss notes for a proper gig.. all who have played live can know ;)) but because the chemistry onstage was amazing.
Oh, those guys and girls are awesome... picky as hell during reharsals, but I wish you all could have been there to hear the amazing version we did (all thanx to their inputs) to The Rising.. or the way they allowed me to sing a wonderful, but terribly difficult song like "You'll Follow me Down"... a magic, because they helped my weak reaching of highest tones in masterfully made game of backing vocals (Sara, the girl who organized it all, is not by case learning professional Opera singing.. but she sounded perfectly POP mixed with me..).
But all songs went really greatly.
We changed much some versions, for instance we did "Just Like a pill" like a country ballad, and we fastened Avril Lavigne's Complicated to make it a rock tune properly (also easier to scream out for having bits more organic that way) and not a ballad where the rythm of drums is as powerful as a crisps pack opening...:P

The duets were WWWWWWWWOOOOWWWW.Tonight Tonight made my friend Valentina cry... ;) certainly also because the guy who was singin that duet with me is quite a beautiful man.. but you cannot tell :P if that was the only reason ;)
I have to say, one of the songs I was sure would have turned shit was Ricky&Christina duet on "Nobady Wants To Be Lonely".
Bollocks: we were fantastic, I think I never sang better a scala in my whole life.
Think on the reharsals of the past week, I was constantly failing that song.
I introduced it this way (Sitting on my beautiful chaise longue I was having on stage..)
"Now, prepare yourself to have a GREAT laugh.. and I am not talkin about my hair.."
(I was having an hairdo directly penned from Guernica...:P The funniest thing was that 75per cent of gilrs and women there after said to me that they totally adored my hairdo and they wanted one similar for next time in discoteque.. ;) Ah, the charme of stage.. :P).
At the end, we've got so many applauses we skipped the song which was meant to be next because they were keeping clapping for minutes!
I know, I know all them in the crowd were friends (at least of some member of the band) but still such a shivering blessing feeling.
I will never be grateful enough for all this.
Today I have no voice, I have slept three hours, and I have slept practically at work... but the past night has easily overshadowed the one of last year, namely the first time I had to climb onto a proper stage with the same guys and girls, for Sara being away in America for a performance of her own.
We were more (around 250 actually... Sara house is this mega castle you know..) than past year, more feeling better with one another (last year we were playing for a guy I hate with my whole me.. he was there yesterday, but luckily he couldn't bore me to death no more because he couldn't reach the stage... I prayed my best friends to never allow him to come too near.. ;)), the setlist was better and .. well, we had reharsaleed so much than even I seemed pretty decent at singin actually ;)

Massi, my best mate Ilaria's new man has taken several pictures and so, I am sure I'll prepare a webpage dedicated to this .

There are I am sure the recorded versions of the gig as well but knowing the way my 6 companions of adventure are , and the fact they consider this merely "fun" they won't keep them alive that long.. sigh ;) I hope to be wrong though.. I really think soem versions of the current pop highlights were ultra cool.. even if I sang them :P

I fear this might be the end of my "singin career" as I am meant to leave outside Florence for some time BUT... who knows.. I got friends from Leicestershire just offering me a performance on their next record as vocalist ;)
Who knows...
All I know is that music is a bless.
And it is especially if you feel what you sing :)

Musik Don't Stop
gallimel, January 2003
What you can hear in a female locker room in a luxurious gym place
So, this is the second week I am using my break time for lunch at work for getting in a new gym place.
After careful spoiling of all Florence best gym structures, my choice went to Klab one (the link is below) rated 5 out of 5 from Association of Sport Lovers (in the whole Country I mean).
Yes, it costs a certain lot but money at this phase of my life is not anymore a problem, so, since there I could practice any kind of activity related to fitness and sport and gymnastic, at any time, and use stuff like Thermariums and Saunas as well-beside all tools any furnished gym place can have- followed by personal trainer also at my liking, I though that spending 390 Euros every three months wasn't at all that bad choice, nor even that expensive in a way.
I wasn't considering the fact, in such a place, the reason for evaluating "super cool" the structure wasn't properly meant to be the physical activity in itself. This no matter the fact we have the best trainers you can find in the whole town, and anywhere else.

Well, the point is there everyone likes three things ONLY (I am speakin of females here, but I am assuming with small differences the same ideas apply also to males, seeing the way they are acting around...):

-Meeting people for just let them notice "how cute is your new outfit!!!" without doing not even 30% of the training meant to be executed (I practice there Spinning twice a week, Body Sculpt once, Movida&Step Once, plus the two day that I go swimming, and Lord, I thought a Gym place was a location to do some excercises with the body.. mmmh, it seems not really, once you have the new Nike which costs 310 euros. And look, if you don't, they are gonna think you're from Mars, or POOR (AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!! That must destroy those little brain cells,of the poor women there I guess.)

-Meeting people for hopefully increase the number of shags which can be noveled after with ALL the rest of people using the structure (that is a must, of course, otherwise, where's the fun? Gymnastic? Nah, that kind of sweating cannot be noveled that well after...)

-Have all possible stupid conversation which is possible among ladies from 18 to 45, with the women of more than 30 desperately trying to look like the youngest. Which leads to THESE kind of conversation:
"Hi, howya doin?"
"Fine.. ohh.. I have to tell you, your new body outfit is SO nice. It makes you look so well..."
(the other takes out the outfit, which is not even smelling since the all activity which was made was walkin around or spinning on the bike with never touch the controller of the resistence..)
"DO you like my new tits?"
"Sure!!! Oh, I must redo myself something soon..."
(the two friends women, apparently aged 32, but you can never tell because their make up could imitate perfectly Cher dressed as a drag Queen, start to speak a bit lower in volume, lookin at some of the youngest)
"You know, competition is huge...Look that girl, she must be 20, ah, her tits seems so perfect, I want something like that but my husband won't like the idea"
"Who cares? We're not here for pleasing our husbands anyway, we're here to enjoy exactly time without them"
"Yeah, you're right.. you know, I am lately using so much body cream just for lettin him never touch me, he hates when I am greasy"
"ahaha"! I shall imitate you, indeed. My husband's so boring. Have you seen the way the guy behind you was lookin at you before?"
"Sure, I used this tanga just for him to see it!"
"Anyway, talkin about that girl, she will lose the fit body soon, and then , to mantain it, it's just a matter of money and surgery"
"Yeah, you're right. And she doesn't look to be that rich anyway, so, let's just laugh at her soon fading moment of body grace."

There's no need to say I am APPALLED.
I had the luck to follow all this because.. EVERY ####in one speak with this "loveable" attitude all time in the female locker room.

Luckely I am there with a couple of friends, and we stay among us avoiding to interact with all the rest, beside the minimum which is considered fair or polite.We use to think the same on many things, and I am sure if it wouldn't be for the fact that Gym place is very well made for sport, we would never stand such a shallowness around .
Argh... Life must be sad at a certain point.

The bright side, is that being so little the will of doing gym properly there, those who like to instead have a proper training have lots of occasion to take the best from their curses and trainers (they almost seem relieved when they see people genuinely willing to make fitness)

But really, I have rarely been shocked this way by an environment like I am in the new Gym place...

I had to tell this !!

gallimel,February 2003