Genetic Memory (by Cassie)


Genetic Memory By Cassie LaReux

Much of this theory is based upon my own experiences so is something that is unfounded within science and unless some brilliant mind works out how to measure such occurrences and subsequent brain function, will always remain so.


I think we have all met someone who, although we have never seen them before, we truly feel we know them, and they us. It isn’t just a case of two similar personalities finding common ground, it is a relationship that goes far deeper than that, you truly feel as if you have met this person before.

Before I studied Quantum Physics I dabbled quite deeply into New Age theories and practices. I was very interested in it, yet sceptical, the language used felt unrealistic, but I knew the core truths were there. In 1999, after three disastrous long-term relationships, I met my fiancé Matt over the Internet. From the moment I finished his first email to me I felt that I had met him before, that there was something very special there…and I was more right than I’ve ever been. After two weeks of nine-hour telephone conversations and 25 emails a day, we were inseparable. Within all this new found bliss there was a gnawing feeling deep in my gut, I felt that every time Matt left for work that he wasn’t going to return, that he would die. No matter how much I told myself that this was absolutely ridiculous, paranoid, some psychosomatic response to a deep-seated fear of rejection, it just wouldn’t go away.

Matt and I discussed this with a friend of mine who was very heavily into Rekki and we all decided that a joint past life regression was the best option. Her belief was that my fear stemmed from some long past event and that we could re-live the event to try and purge the fears. I had experienced one very brief regression before – I saw myself from above, very much a woman, but dressed in full knight’s armour, a red cross marking a yellow background as the crest, and standing by a river, knowing a castle was just up the hill, and feeling the most incredible sense of loss – then it was gone. Matt had never experienced anything like it, but being Matt, and extremely open minded, he went into it very easily.

I saw myself from above, detached as it was in my previous regression, dressed in an ivory coloured lace gown. I was standing in a stonewalled bedroom, an ornately carved four-poster bed beside me. In my ‘real’ state I was overcome by feelings of incredible sadness and loss and burst into tears (I should state here that it takes a HELL of a lot to make me cry and found it near impossible at that time in my life). I watched as my past form packed away some jewellery into a small wooden box, the scene flickered and I was standing by the arched window, looking down to the drawbridge below. Walking across the bridge was a huge Shire horse, I knew that the knight on his back was Matt. The scene flickered again and I was on my knees before Matt, his face half obscured by a beard. We were in a long hallway, the crest on the wall was the red cross over a yellow background. The scene flickered one last time and I was standing on the edge of a riverbank, looking down into the water.

Matt was quite confused at first as he could see something, but the scene was murky. He found he was having troubles breathing and realised why. He was underwater. He managed to make out the shape above him and could feel it was me, he had a moment of clarity, taking in the castle, the scenery and my dress, and the regression was gone.

After we came back to reality we both quickly sketched out the castle and its surrounds on separate bits of paper. Sure enough they matched. Matt had not seen the crest, so I described it to him and we searched the Net until we found a match, Burke matched exactly.

Another thing happened, I was no longer plagued by the feeling that Matt was going to die, I felt it had been explained to me.

Scientifically, this joint experience could probably be construed as a mass hallucination, yet I doubt it given the conditions. Unless the Rekki master has some sort of incredible mind control as we went into the regression within minutes, the decision to try this ‘treatment’ was quite sudden, little thought or discussion went into it. Thus the seeds for such brain washing were not planted. I had discussed my previous regression with Matt, but was unable to describe the castle, as I had not seen it. He didn’t see the crest so knowledge of it had little bearing. The only difference in our castle maps was that they were mirror images of each other. This is a common human brain function when memorising, so either of us could have mirrored the scene.

Not long afterwards the Rekki practicing friend totally lost the plot, psychiatrically, she was probably suffering from Bi-polar as her family has a history of it. She became totally deluded and I cut myself off from her and New Age theories. I watched her mind disintergrate over a period of years, and saw what ungrounded theories can do to the unstable mind. Did the Rekki cause the condition? Probably not, but it definitely attributed greatly to it. I still needed answers, so I turned to Quantum Physics. It was the best move I could have made as it has answered more than I ever dreamed it could.

My favourite theory within QP is Twin Photon Theory as it explains SO much. A photon is a single particle of light, and light is the reason behind much of our reality.

Twin Photons are exactly as they sound - two photons that are exactly the same as each other. They can be separated by an infinite amount of space, but react as if they are the same photon. If one changes the other changes instantaneously. So, in between Twin Photons there is no time and space. It just does not exist.

Once the human conscious realises this as fact, so much is explained. I have found that once you do realise it (which for some is VERY difficult) that every Zen philosophy makes sense. Suddenly, ghosts are no longer ghosts, but a resonant image trapped in that same structure of reality. De-ja-vu is no longer a paradox because you realise that your conscious can access any of its future information because there is no future. Not that this is easily controlled, it is just one of the many functions of our brains that neurologists are only just starting to get a grip on.

So, once the paradox of no time and space is unlocked in your conscious, your conscious has access to that dimensional reality. This is the same dimensional reality that is unlocked when undergoing past life regression.

I personally believe that our DNA not only carries physical genetic material, but also information, knowledge and memories of all your ‘twin’ lives. If we are made up of so much light, would the Twin Photon theory not apply? Could we actually have access to the people that carry the exact same DNA structure? If so, we would have access to all the genetically exact people through Twin Photon theory, we could catch a resonance of their lives, emotions, and reality. Maybe to the extent that our own lives mirror those, we meet the same people, our lives, in essence, take the same paths.

Since meeting Matt I have also found out who I am, where I’ve come from historically. Upon reading Holy Blood Holy Grail I felt like I was re-reading much of it, intrinsically I knew so much of what they were explaining, each key word sending goose bumps of excitement. I haven’t finished reading it because it is so intense I can only stand to do so for short periods of time. The feeling it gives me actually scares me, as does anything to do with the Knight’s Templars, Rosicrucians and Cathars. I know that this knowledge is imbedded in me, I feel it too strongly to deny it. Personally, that is enough proof that our genetics DO carry knowledge and memories, it is up to us to expand our conscious deeply enough to access it.

Cassie LaReux, Australia