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Wars: that mistake human beings cannot avoid to practice

Let's face it: mainly in developed Countries, where the impact of a war especially can destroy our perceivement of (good) life, wars are from at least 50 years considered as the greatest curse and tragedy.

We have tried even to forget about them for not feel dirty someway.

But even if liked to close our eyes for at least 20 years, in all the rest of the World, more or less 120 armed conflicts (yeah, wars) were constantly battled every single day.

We just didn't consider them in our reflections, we cut them out from our awareness of life. It was easier to do, and really pleasant to the soul probably.

Now that 11 of September facts have caused a well media covered war instead, we were forced to reflect again about war.For saying all kind of things, and I am not here for trashing any of the heard opinions, just for make a reflection about war in itself.

War has always been an ultimate (but not even that ultimate) resource for any Governement, even when concept of war was personal and it wasn't upon a State to make it, but upon single chiefs (Before 1450 in Europe then)

Then war, in Clausewitz's words, has become a "furthermore resource for targeting political aims with different tools than politics has got"

War is a way to obtain and exercise power;this implies that for deleting war, you should delete power. All kind of it.

And not only that is impossible at the current state of facts (and for the foreseable future) but it would be also an anarchist move which would bring the entire world in the total chaos, causing all troubles in full.

Human beings would keep on fightin, cos you cannot if not utopically think conflict of all shapes can be magically deleted, but at that point the violence would be with not even rules nor established forces to excercise them.

You'll say that now, sadly, this happens already, cos civilian people are in the percentage of 90% suffering the attacks in every war: but this doesn't belong to the war in itself, it's THIS moment wars which have discovered (or re-discovered, cos during 1200/ 1300 in Europe civilians were the preferably victimes as well) that is "useful" to hit civilians for winning the war; it's horrific and I agree, but said that, I don't believe no one can really delete the war in itself as way to obtain power and excercise it.

We can ban the war: but then, with no organized forces, if whatever kind of fool man will arise, breaking the supposed pact and attack others (and all tells us this can always happen) we would be like child in front to a nuclear tank.

I despise the war myself: but close my eyes towards it won't anyway make any difference in the reality: it has always existed, it will always exist.

We should think about deleting the causes of the wars, namely the confklicts which comes to such a point no one can think about solving them without weapons, and not about claiming we have to ban the war.

To dream is good, but then we have also to live in the true life, and only dreams cannot save us: knowledge, efforts and will can instead.

Do not close your eyes, try to see, learn, understand and then respect all others: just then maybe, wars will be only the ultimate resource we will come to never use, almost.

Below you will find links to some interesting sources: always remember that all which is communication starts anyway from a personal opinion: it can be sincere or orientated (and even then, the one supposed to be orientated can be so for persnal will, and not for bending to any powerful will...) but still just a partial view.

Also your own view, as mine, are forcedly partial: the truth in itself cannot exist cos all of us has got a personal truth, since everyone of us analyze and then confirm something in himself chosing one thing instead of another one. You say cos that's the truth , another one can claim the same for a total opposite matter.

So, my advice is to never be scared about hearing all voices: then and only then have your own rielaboration of them for creating your own personal opinion.
That's awareness, and it costs time and bravery: cos to be always ready to be open eyed means you have forcedly to constant put under question yourself and the things you believe in. Or better, the things you like to assume you believe in,often just beacuse you don't accept any serious challenge to them.

But any opinion which stays, after a serious challenge, it's way more important and strong than those which remains untouched constantly, and only for that they stay.


Mail me for any opinion you would like to see published: I won't allow anything which is offensive towards anyone, so take notice of it; but I will publish all which is challenging and felt honestly.

Just have respect , but don't forget your passion!



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